Cute, Funny Baby Bibs Keep Meal Time Neat and Clean

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Children grow up fast. You might feel like you’re offering a bottle one moment, and the next your child has moved on to solids. The process of actually learning to eat is a lot messier than many people think, however. Whether you’re feeding your baby from a spoon for the first time or you have a toddler who is learning to use a spoon, you know you’ll need to spend a lot of time cleaning up afterward. Not every mealtime with your child needs to require a full change of clothes, however. The right baby bib will keep your child amused and protect even the most delicate clothing from stains and spills.

Getting Full Coverage

A lot of bibs seem to better at decorating your child than keeping shirts and dresses clean. The cute little round and square bibs that most stores sell for babies simply aren’t up to the mess-making ability of the average toddler. If you’re looking for funny baby bibs that’ll actually cut down on your dirty laundry, you need one that covers your child completely. The best bibs are about 24 inches long and capable of protecting your child’s chest, shoulders and thighs from spills.

It’s also a good idea to look for a bib that wraps all the way around. Smaller bibs tie around the neck. They can’t protect your child’s clothes from thrown food or enthusiastic eating. Wrap-around styles snap securely in the back and cover plenty of area. That means that even the messiest meal won’t stain your toddler’s clothes.

Bibs Don’t Have to Be Boring

A utilitarian baby bib will do a great job keeping your child clean, but it won’t be very exciting. With the right print, however, your baby or toddler will actually look forward to meal time. Prints like puppies, turtles and lizards, butterflies and trucks will keep your child entertained while you get everything ready. Plus, a busier bib is harder to stain, so these funny prints will actually help it protect your child for a lot longer.

Boys and girls alike will enjoy putting on brightly colored funny baby bibs that feature their favorite toys and animals. If your child is going through a “pink” stage, you can also check out tea party themes or sassy zebra stripes and flowers. There’s a bib out there to keep every kid clean, comfy and entertained.

Thrifty and Clean

Bibs with fun prints don’t have to be expensive. While there are plenty of companies out there willing to charge you an arm and a leg for baby products, the best bibs are very affordable. At about $10 each, they’re inexpensive enough to let you have several, each in a favorite print. That way, it’s easy to keep your child clean at meals even while your other bibs are in the wash. Check out all the available options today!