From White To Navy Bibs, There’s One For Everybody

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Bibs are not only for children. Adults can also use them in various situations when they need to avoid staining their outfits. There’s a wide range of such bibs for adults, from the plain white or navy bibs which look so serious to the playful striped ones that will make everybody smile.

Sometimes it happens that seniors or even middle age persons suffer from medical conditions that make their hands shake or become unstable. These people will have problems in feeding themselves, because they will inevitably spill some food on their clothes. This can be embarrassing when you’re not a toddler anymore, but if you can get over the embarrassment, you can still be fine and eat by yourself, without any help, by using a bib at the table.

There are so many people who suffered from strokes. Their brain is intact, their judgment is still perfect, but the coordination between the brain and the limbs might have been affected. These persons will still want to preserve their independence, they will refuse to be fed by somebody else, but they will also put an additional burned on their family, because of spilling food all over their clothes. Why not use protection and avoid all that hassle?

Serious adults who don’t feel like being playful anymore can use those machine washable, top quality navy bibs which are made from 100% cotton on the front, doubled by a polyester layer on the back. Such bibs are waterproof, therefore you won’t have to worry about spilling your soup anymore. They are long enough to protect also your feet. Some of them are so long that you can even fold them on the bottom side, in order to prevent food crumbs or liquids to fall on the floor.

People who would rather use disposable protections instead of having to wash them over and over again will be better off with disposable bibs. While they might not be as nice and dignifying as the navy bibs described above, they are extremely practical in case there’s nobody else in the house to do large amounts of washing a few times a week or if you don’t want to pay more for dry cleaning.

When choosing the right bibs, you should take into considerations several characteristics you may or may not need.

For instance, there are bibs which don’t have an adjustable neck opening. If you are short or you have a large neck, you may have troubles because the bib will choke you. In such cases, it’s best to go for adjustable bibs.

Another thing to pay attention to is the neck fastener. Velcro is very easy to attach, so the person who needs it will be able to attach it by herself when the lunch time comes. If the hands are severely affected, like in arthritis, tremors or Parkinson’s disease, you may want to avoid buying bibs with snap closure, because they are more difficult to fasten.