Plus Size Apron Problems? You Can Be Fashionable in the Kitchen!

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Cute aprons aren’t just relics from the 1950s. They’re actually a great way to feel fun and feminine while baking, cooking and making other delicious foods. It seems like a lot of manufacturers don’t realize that bigger women want this experience as much as their tiny counterparts, however. Cute, ruffly aprons in fun prints are easy to find if you’re a size 6. Things get a lot trickier if you wear a 16, however, and finding a true plus size apron that you really love can feel almost impossible.

Protection in the Kitchen

In our grandparents’ day, an apron was an important part of spending time in the kitchen. It helped keep clothes tidy, cut down on spills, and even reduced the risk of burns and other injuries. Aprons can come with handy pockets, loops for tools, and even little extras like hot pad corners. They’re just as good at keeping your clothes dry when you do dishes as they are at reducing spills and stains when you make a big pot of soup. While aprons fell out of fashion for a few decades, they’re coming back as more people realize that cooking at home is valuable and fun.

Where Did the Selection Go?

If you’ve ever had the experience of browsing for clothing, only to discover that there are no options in your size, you’re not alone. Many clothing companies are perfectly happy to produce lots of cute aprons and other clothes in smaller sizes, but as soon as they reach an arbitrary cutoff, all the clothes become boring and dowdy. Clothing companies say that it’s because bigger people are harder to fit, but there’s no reason for this to apply to an apron. The good news is that there are some great options available to fit bigger cooks. You just need to look for the right features.

The ideal apron will have adjustable bands at the neck and waist, to allow it to fit a bigger figure. It’ll also wrap all the way around the hips, so that people who have more to cover don’t end up feeling exposed when they wear it. Be sure to check the length on any apron you choose; most of us with bigger figures need a little bit more to make sure that everything fits.

Why Cute Aprons Matter

Of course, any apron that’s big enough can protect you while you’re cooking. Why bother making it look pretty? The answer is that a cute apron adds a little something extra to your cooking experience. It can make you feel more feminine, give you something fun to look at while you’re working in the kitchen, or be a dress-up item just for your special someone. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy owning aprons that look great while they help you do a better job in the kitchen. They can even encourage you to get more done!